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baby's first shoes

Baby’s First Shoes: Choosing the Perfect Gift for New Parents

When there’s a new arrival, whether it’s your nephew, niece, grandchild or the child of a friend, it’s only natural to want to buy something for them. A pair of gorgeous new baby shoes makes a fantastic gift for new parents, and here’s a guide to choosing yours.

Why Do Baby Shoes Make Such Great Gifts?

Shoes are special. Everyone loves checking out the baby’s shoes on those tiny, almost impossibly small feet – there is something incredibly cute about them!

Parents will love having a pair of stylish new baby shoes in which they can show off their baby at parties, events, weddings and baptisms. Shoes also last a long time, and parents love hanging onto their baby’s old shoes and getting them out of the box many years later.

So, now that you’ve set your heart on finding the perfect new pair of baby shoes, how should you get started?

Choose Your Shoe Type

There are basically two types of baby shoes: smart shoes for special occasions, and everyday shoes for comfort. Which type do you want? Both types are absolutely adorable. You should probably start looking at the available options and find one that stands out to you.

Obviously, whether the new arrival is a boy or a girl will have an impact on the type of shoe you choose. Shoes for baby boys come in whites and blues, while shoes for baby girls often have frills and bows and all the other adornments you would expect.

For a smart pair of girls’ shoes, the beautiful Andanines White Patent Shoes with Large Diamante Bows are a great choice. For something more casual, the Billieblush Baby Girls Navy Trainers are perfect.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Baby Shoes

Once you have decided upon a general style for your baby shoes, there are a few other considerations.

The brand of shoe is one of the most important factors. If you are looking for designer baby shoes, the brand plays a big role. Some brands have excellent reputations for high-quality shoes that will last and which are made from the finest materials and to very high standards.

Some to consider are Andanines and Lelli Kelly. These two brands are at the top of their game and have a huge selection of cute and adorable shoes for girls in a wide range of styles.

Andanines focuses on more classic shoes, with clean white designs and smart shoes for special occasions. Lelli Kelly has cute and colourful designs with lots of pinks and flower patterns, like the Lelli Kelly Pink Glitter Bar Shoes.

Choosing a well-respected brand should ensure that the quality of the shoes is excellent. But if you don’t know the brand, take a look at the shoes, find out about the materials and read some reviews online. Make sure you are buying baby shoes that are not only comfortable and adorable but will last.

Take Your Pick from Our Collection

Start your search for baby shoes by browsing our collection today. We have a huge range of baby shoes for boys and girls to choose from in a wide range of styles. Our designer baby shoes are made by some of the top brands that you can trust for quality and style, so take a look today and find the perfect gift for the new arrival.

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