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Don’t Let Rain & Snow Keep the Kids Indoors This Winter

The summer may seem like a long-distant memory now that the nights are closing in. And while Christmas is fast approaching and something we can all look forward to after a difficult year, it’s getting harder to keep the kids busy outdoors with the shorter days and the inevitable cold and rainy winter weather (and maybe even a bit of snow!)

But don’t let this winter be characterised by endless days spent indoors! The kids can still go out and have a great time – you just need to prepare them properly

Get Them Kitted Out for the Cold

Your main focus needs to be on wrapping them up so they stay warm whatever the weather is doing – and that means warm jumpers and coats. A good-quality coat that provides protection from the wind and cold should be considered a winter essential.

Check out our range of girls’ jumpers and cardigans and girls’ designer coats for your little princess. Or keep your little boy warm in one of our boys’ jumpers or boys’ designer coats.

Prepare for the Rain

One thing that is almost guaranteed in Britain during the winter is a lot of rain! But don’t let those rainy days keep you all stuck indoors.

A good umbrella is a great idea. Try to find one that’s small enough for your little one to carry, or at least get them a good waterproof coat.

Invest in a pair of wellies too. We’ve got a big range of girls’ designer boots, so take your pick. Perhaps a pair of mini-adventure boots are just the thing your little girl needs. We’ve also got lots of boys’ designer boots to choose from to keep those little toes warm and dry.

Keep Babies Snug and Warm

You’ll need to take special care with the smallest members of the family. Babies should be wrapped up snug and warm, and the best way to do that on a cold winter’s day is to use a snowsuit.

Check out our selection of snowsuits for baby boys and baby girls to find something perfect for your little one.

Plan Your Days in Advance

What else should you do when you are planning a day out in the winter? It’s a great idea to prepare some warm drinks by taking along a thermos flask full of something tasty like hot chocolate.

It’s also a good idea to take some dry clothes in the car in case the kids get too wet and muddy, or at least prepare some warm clothes back at home for them to change into.

If you go out for the day, make sure you have somewhere warm and dry nearby. For example, if you go to the beach, try to find a nearby cafe you can shelter in.

Just because it’s cold and rainy, you can still all go out and have a great time. Just prepare properly!


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