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winter coats for kids

How to Choose the Perfect Winter Coat for Kids

Winter is just around the corner, and it’s time to start preparing so your child stays warm when the cold sets in.

One of the winter essentials every child needs is a coat. But how should you choose the perfect winter coat for your child? What factors do you need to consider?

Here’s a guide to the most important things to keep in mind.


How big should the coat be? Well, quite simply it should be the right size to fit your child comfortably. However, some coats are much longer than others.

Boys will often wear coats that don’t go below the waist, while girls quite often wear longer coats. A long coat may not be suitable for younger children like toddlers because it could get in the way and cause them to trip.

Think about the activities your child gets up to and where they will use the coat the most to help decide on the right size.


Coats are available in many different materials, but the most important factor is that the coat should be strong, durable and warm to increase comfort during the winter. A breathable fabric is a good choice.

Colour & Style

The style and colour of the coat come down to personal preference. As you probably know, there is an almost endless choice when it comes to colours and styles to choose from.

Some coats are more suitable for everyday wear, while some are better for more formal occasions. Some coats have patterns and others are plain.

The best thing you can do is look at as many coats as you can. We have loads of girls’ designer coats and boys’ designer coats to choose from. Get your child involved in the search and they may see something that stands out to them.


The brand is another important factor. If you want a designer children’s coat, you should make sure you choose a well-known brand, one that has a great reputation for making high-quality clothes that last.

We have a huge range of designer brands to choose from, including popular brands like Bimbalò, A*Dee, Mayoral and Hugo Boss. Check out their coats on our website, or pop into the store to see our collection for yourself.

Extra Features

There are some other features that may be important for you when choosing a coat. Extendable sizing is something to consider, which is where you can adjust the sleeves as your child grows.

Another feature is the closure. There are lots of options available, including zips, buttons and snaps, and some are easier to use than others.

Does the coat have a hood? This can be a style consideration but also a practical consideration. If it does have a hood, can it be folded away or taken off?

Is it waterproof? This is an important consideration with the wet and wild Scottish winter! But it doesn’t have to be waterproof. You might want to get one coat for cold days and another for rainy days.

Get Something They Love

The most important thing is to find a coat your child loves. No matter how great the coat is, if your child refuses to wear it, you’ll have problems getting them into it. Get them involved in the choosing process so they can let you know which coat they like best. It will make your life a lot easier!

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